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Where Axe-Throwing Meets Celebration Magic

"Discover the ultimate party destination at Timberjaxe Axe Lounge! Whether you're planning a birthday bash, a spirited 'Axe-Your-Ex' celebration, or a unique holiday gathering, our venue adds a thrilling twist to every occasion. Picture the laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable axe-throwing moments that await you. From intimate birthdays where hitting the bullseye becomes the highlight to cathartic 'Axe-Your-Ex' bashes filled with empowerment and fun, Timberjaxe transforms ordinary celebrations into extraordinary adventures. We cater to special holiday extravaganzas, making New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving uniquely epic. Our venue is not just for personal celebrations – it's also the perfect backdrop for weddings that defy tradition and themed parties where imagination knows no bounds. Family reunions take on a new level of excitement as every generation, from seasoned axe-throwing enthusiasts to first-timers, finds their thrill at Timberjaxe. So, step into our world, where each celebration is etched with the thrill of axe-throwing and the joy of shared moments. Timberjaxe awaits to create memories with you – the ultimate axe-throwing party spot!"

Elevate Your Celebration with Timberjaxe Paks!

Gear up for an axe-citing party like no other with Timberjaxe's Clan Pak and Tribe Pak offerings! Last summer, my friends and I decided to spice up our celebration, and the Clan Pak brought out our competitive spirits. The shared laughter and thrill of hitting bullseyes together created a game-changing experience, making it a memory we still reminisce about. Whether you prefer the healthy rivalry and triumphs of the Clan Pak or the unity and collective energy of the Tribe Pak, Timberjaxe has curated the ultimate axe-throwing experience for unforgettable memories. Reserving your Clan Pak or Tribe Pak is as easy as hitting a bullseye – just visit the Timberjaxe website, customize your experience, and get ready for a unique adventure tailored to your squad. It's not just about securing a spot; it's about creating axe-laden memories. Every step, from customizing your reservation to stepping into the throwing lanes, adds to the overall experience. Gear up for an axe-throwing party where every throw celebrates your squad's indomitable spirit. Whether rallying a fierce clan or embracing the spirit of a spirited tribe, Timberjaxe ensures an unforgettable celebration filled with sharp thrills and laughter. Dive into the world of unforgettable axe-ventures with Timberjaxe Paks!
Clan Pak
1 Hour of Axe Throwing
Clan Pak
Mon - Fri 09:00AM - 09:00PM
Sat, Sun 12:00PM - 09:00PM
4 to 7 Throwers, $175 Flat
Safety & Training Included & 7 Drinks!

Enjoy a memorable 1-hour axe-throwing session with 4 to 7 of your favorite people. This package includes 7 drinks for the ultimate Timberjaxe party experience. Book any day of the week for just $175 flat! If you need a special time for a larger group, contact us +1 855-293-8476

Tribe Pak
2 Hours of Axe Throwing
Tribe Pak
Mon - Fri 09:00AM - 09:00PM
Sat, Sun 12:00PM - 09:00PM
8 to 12 Throwers, $375 Flat
Safety & Training Included & 12 Drinks!

Unleash the fun with a 2-hour session perfect. We've got you covered with 12 drinks included. Book any day of the week for a fantastic time at a flat rate of $375. Gather your crew and get ready for a big-time axe-throwing bash! If you need a special time for a larger group, contact us +1 855-293-8476

Axe-Throwing Excitement for Unforgettable Adventures and Thrills!

Explore our stellar ratings – a testament to the exceptional times we provide. We take immense pride in being the ultimate destination for axe-throwing excitement, and our outstanding reviews showcase the unforgettable experiences we craft. Join us and uncover why our guests consistently rate us as the friendliest and most thrilling place for axe throwing adventures!


What should I wear?

During the warmer months, we recommend dressing in loose, cool clothing. Chill in the air? We do keep it cool, so a flannel, sweater, or sweatshirt is a good idea.For safety purposes, we don’t allow open-toe shoes or sandals.

How long does it take?

Once training is complete, you’re off to the pits! Depending on your group’s reservation time slot- play time runs for 1 hour or 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

What should I bring?

You’re welcome to bring in your own food or order something in. Its best to pre-order food – delivered right to your private lane.


1. Choose the package that suits you best and simply click "Book Now."
2. Next, pick your preferred date and the number of participants, then click "Search."
3. You'll be shown the available times for your selection. Enjoy!
4. Before completing the booking you will have option to pre-order the food
5. To make your Axe Throwing experience smooth and hassle-free after the booking is completed you would be provided with waiver that can be signed electronically, Don't forget to share it with all your fellow participants


Feel the rush as you hit your target, making memories one bullseye at a time and enjoy an unforgettable adventure with friends and family