Blog - La CoQueta Michoacana Premium 2 & Timberjaxe Axe Throwing Lounge: A Match Made in Sweetness & Skill!

Get ready for a collab that's as refreshing as a scoop of Mango Sorbet and as exhilarating as an axe launch La CoQueta Michoacana Premium 2 is teaming up with Timberjaxe Axe Throwing Lounge to create a digital experience full of flavor and fun!

La CoQueta has been McHenry's go-to spot for ice cream dreamscapes, crafting sweet escapes that go way beyond ordinary desserts. Now, we're taking that magic online, and Timberjaxe, the local hub for friendly axe-throwing competition, is our partner in creating the community sundae you won't want to miss!

Timberjaxe Merchant Platform: Where Community Takes Flight (and Throws Axes!)

Timberjaxe Axe Lounge, our go-to spot for axe throwing, is all about bringing people together through entrepreneurship. They've created a place where you can discover and support local businesses online. 

Timberjaxe works with local groups and business leaders to run PR campaigns, increase online visibility, and organize workshops and events. This helps local businesses grow and boosts the community. Thanks to technology and teamwork, Timberjaxe's platform is making a real impact on our local economy, creating jobs, and making our community even better.

What to Expect:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tales: Curious about the stories behind your favorite ice cream flavors? Timberjaxe Merchant platform will share articles and stories, giving you behind-the-scenes glimpses and introducing you to the creative process of our team members, letting you join our sweet journey.
  • Exclusive Community Treats: Prepare for online exclusives – special offers, promotions, and surprises made just for our community. You, our community, add that special touch to our digital sundae!
  • Community Cream Concoctions: We're not just a business; we're a community. Expect polls, challenges, and opportunities to share your ice cream stories, making each creation a collaborative effort.
  • Flavor Fests Like No Other: Timberjaxe's merchant platform supports the community by offering a central hub for planning, promoting, and participating in events. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming Ice Cream events and join us to turn each gathering into a celebration of community spirit!

How to Participate in the Journey:

Hop onto the Timberjaxe Merchant Platform and dive into the frosty fun. Share your ice cream stories, join the flavor discussions, and snag exclusive online deals. Remember, with La CoQueta and Timberjaxe teaming up, it's not just about ice cream it's about building a community that's as sweet and supportive as a perfectly swirled cone. So grab your virtual spoon, McHenry, and get ready for a digital sundae celebration you won't forget!

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