Blog - Scoops of Joy: La Michoacana Mary’s join forces with Timberjaxe axe throwing lounge Merchant program!

We're proud to share some delectable news – La Michoacana Mary’s is embarking on an exciting digital  journey, and we've got a scoop of joy to introduce the local maestro steering this delightful adventure.

For 2 years, La Michoacana Mary’s has been the heart of our community, dishing out frozen delights that double as sweet moments. Now, picture this sweetness amplified in the digital space! Community focused ! That's where Timberjaxe merchant platform comes in, our flavor virtuoso steps in, turning our beloved ice cream haven into a community-driven digital experience.

What's Cooking with Timberjaxe Merchant platform?

Timberjaxe axe lounge is a local axe throwing lounge with a passion for helping build community through entrepreneurship. 

The platform acts as a hub where community members can discover and support local businesses, providing digital boost to local goods and services. Through partnerships with local organizations and business leaders, Timberjaxe merchant platform helps create PR campaigns, increase digital visibility, facilitates workshops, networking events, to empower local businesses and foster community growth. By leveraging technology and community collaboration, Timberjaxe Merchant platform plays a pivotal role in driving economic development, job creation, and the overall well-being of our  local community.

What to Expect:

 Community-Exclusive Treats: Brace yourselves for online exclusives – special offers, promotions, and surprises crafted just for our community. Because you, our community, are the sprinkles on our digital sundae!

Behind-the-Scoops Tales: Ever wondered about the stories behind your favorite scoops? Timbejaxe Merchant platform will host and boost articles and stories behind-the-scenes tales, introducing you to the creative process of the team members and making you part of our sweet journey.

 Community Creations: We're not just a business; we're a community. Expect polls, challenges, and opportunities to share your ice cream stories, making every creation a collaborative effort.

 Flavor festivals: Timberjaxe merchant platform empowers the community to thrive by providing a centralized hub for event planning, promotion, and participation. Stay tuned on upcoming announcements on events organized by Ice cream and join us to make every event a celebration of community spirit!

How to Dive In:

Join us on Timerberjaxe merchant platform for virtual scoop parties, share your ice cream tales, and sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs to catch exclusive online offers.

As La Michoacana Mary’s joins forces with Timberjaxe Merchant platform we're not just serving ice cream; we're serving smiles, creating connections, and building a community sundae that everyone can be a part of. Your scoop of joy is not just a click away; it's a community celebration waiting to happen!

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